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Informacion de Dish Network (Español) 
Information Dish Network (channels) 
Sale of dishes (93,1.20,1.80,2.40 )

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Lava/Pansat y Antenas Parabolicas
Repair of Computers
Xenon lighthouses with balastra
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Welcome to the place in Internet that you were waiting! We thank you your visit!

We offer you teams with the maximum quality and total guarantee, also if these outside of guadalajara are as if you were here since we offer you our support Vip Dish for 8 months via internet.   Left of taking the card with your supplier saves Time and Gasoline. That they don't tell you: Bring me the Card! These not paying for a service? Coarse of those suppliers! to the old one! we are in the 2005! If he/she already has service calls us and we will help him to that doesn't battle! and single Enjoyment!

As easy as to navigate in internet!!! we activate you your card between of our it paginates you avoid yourself the nuisance of taking to the supplier and that he/she tells you: tomorrow they come for the card, here you are the client and we work to offer him maximum quality and satisfaction if you already have supplier you contact us!

Our Mission: That the client feels satisfied and have the maximum quality and support the 24 hrs. 365 days of the year. To innovate for the comfort of all and each one of our clients.

Alone we are devoted for sale of teams of Tv via satellite venture some Americans.We are in growth! we have our active clients which are 100 satisfied%, and in turn us all their friends .If their supplier doesn't please respond him contacts us and with pleasure we will help him we adapt to his budget.

Our purpose is not to foment the Piracy we simply use the technology! to take to their home the maximum quality and the magic of the television service via satellite like never before!
Don't BECOME A STATISTICAL MAS!                                 does this Recognize? Bring me the card... that.... Already coarse! these paying for a good service or not? he/she stops to take the card it uses our technology!  Innovating for your biggest comodity!  you Call us so that you enjoy the 24 hrs

Connected between of the MSN are for further comfort you add us! and in yahoo, or if you prefer it your support this in our it paginates the 24 hrs. 365 days. This is our telephone the one which this available one to serve him the 24 hrs. 044333 8419580 in the guadalajara city the rest of the country marks 01333 8419580.

A step ahead in the technology!

It is a pleasure to Serve him! Maximum Quality, Service and Trust.
Actualizacion                      of the Support for Internet: 12  February 2005 - Hour: 1:02 am WITHOUT FALLEN!!!!                     STATUS: ppv,xxx Everything Working!

It is so easy with our support by internet like to navigate freely never eats before! Designed for people that doesn't have time of taking cards and he/she wants to make it in the comfort of their home!

Soon we will have Radio for your car via satellite XM +de 150 radio stations without commercial courts!


Make click here to see the list of some channels of the programming of the antenna Dish Network

We have wide selection of what you need direct to the whole republic! Receivers different models, Antennas all the sizes, Pansat, controls uhf and normal. Dual and simple Lnb, Sw21, Atmegas, Rom 2,3,10,11 Antennas 93cm, 1.20m, 1.80m,2.40m, professional Facilities, Programming, and but...


package 1, 1 antenna 1 satellite 350 channels!.

Package 2 Futbolero! complete antenna 1.80 2 satellites but of 400 channels!.

This is what we give you with our support via internet,un-burned smart card, it counts for in to the personalized private support, programmer and 8 months of this service

Notaries to our mail:

Service via internet 24 hrs.... you Contact us in the 044333 8419580 we are to Serve him!